About EZ

Established in 1999, Easylight has devoted to the sales of laser related equipment, and has further worked with original factories in USA and Europe to manufacture laser engraving machines since January 2000.

Because of the continuous production and system development, Easylight has accumulated great experiences of laser related applications and system integration service. These advantages make us the leader in Taiwan laser industry. Our newly developed product always draws a lot of attention.

These self-developed technologies are the foundation of our product quality, stability, and customer satisfaction. Easylight has sites in northern, middle, and southern Taiwan, and also Suzhou, Shenzhen in China. All of the locations has well-trained engineers on site, who can service you at the fastest, most direct and flexible manner. It is our purpose to provide the most suitable and high quality products to our customers. Popularizing laser processing technology is our goal.

For the prospect of the global laser processing application market, machines with the advantages of “economic, special purpose, production flexibility, and value-added” will become the future main stream. Given this future trend, Easylight will hold its business philosophy of “Professional, Enthusiasm, and Sustainable service”, and keep pursuing the latest optoelectronic technology in order to better service our customers.


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